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Living Calm in a Busy World

By Pauline McKinnon

 Ease is that incredible quality
That enables us to deal equally
With disaster and success
 Ainslie Meares, M.D. Let’s Be At Ease, Posth.1987

 (Extract from Introduction – Living Calm in a Busy World by Pauline McKinnon, released December 2011) 

Life is filled with surprises – some beneficent and some less so.   Just when all seem to be cruising, challenges of one kind or another may interrupt the flow.  By contrast, when life is looking glum a doorway to lightness may serendipitously appear.

Many recognize the pace of living and the expectations within it as contributing to their inner discomfort.  Relationships decay and families are broken; confusion prevails as compelling life questions remain unanswered; while various forms of addictions and substance abuse are on the increase. Depression is an all too common diagnosis. Chronic or major illness is now frequently attributed to stress.

Stress, as these hurts are commonly recognized, is a ‘given’ in today’s world.  There is a lack of ease in living and stress is clearly something that many people are unable to manage.  Stress contributes to physical, mental and spiritual illness; and stress robs people of happiness; for happiness cannot freely exist without a healthy body.  And a healthy body cannot exist without a healthy mind. Read more