Stillness Meditation Therapist Teacher Training

Stillness Meditation Therapist Training Melbourne

Would you like to be a Stillness Meditation Teacher?

Pauline McKinnon commenced the Stillness Meditation Therapist Training Course (SMT) some twenty years ago to nurture and inform a network of SMT enthusiasts, some of whom remain closely affiliated with the SMT Centre.

Of those who have completed this training, many are former clients who have personally benefited from SMT and have a passionate desire to share with others the benefits they have gained.

Students also include a range of professionals already involved in caring professions.  These may include primary and secondary school teachers, medical doctors, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, tertiary educators and HR professionals.  Others pursue SMT teacher training simply for their greater personal development.

Applications by individual assessment. 

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This training course is a REGISTERED MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING course and meets the industry standard set by the Meditation Association of Australia.  Accredited Teachers from this course will be eligible for Full Membership to this peak body and other related privileges.