Spring is with us!

Blue skies, sunshine, blossoms and the promise of optimism and hope! And here is a reminder that annually, the 21st of this month, September, is the day the United Nations have long determined our world would recognise the International Day of Peace.

In our part of the world, nature proudly demonstrates hope. We can feel it in the air. And so, we look forward to new growth, the chirping of baby birds and the opportunity to joyfully set aside our winter garments. Happy and peaceful promises.

Yet still we have our worries and concerns. And these can cast our peace adrift, sometimes leaving us stressed, anxious, exhausted, angry, frustrated and perhaps lonely. At any time, empty spirits can still arise within all human lives.

Communication throughout the wider world informs us of horrific trauma, war and destruction. We know of innocent people demeaned or destroyed and unimaginable loss in many forms. Perhaps we ask why? Yet if we pause for deep reflection, we can see that all this pain begins within the human heart and the human mind.

If we would prefer to see peace and contentment for all people, maybe now is the moment to bookmark 21st September.

This could be the day that stirs within us an awareness that the actions of one person can truly make a difference to many. Just one person. Just our own self.

So, let’s consider: what might I think or do differently to seek peace on 21 st September 2023 that could be a trigger for a more peaceful, happier world? Maybe we begin that action for change firstly within our own home? A small step, yet even this can be challenging when life’s busy-ness contains us within routine and priorities. But perhaps we can slightly shift our routine. Change can come through re-arranging priorities. Change can come from using time differently. We might use time spent in queues of traffic as moments of relaxation rather than frustration. Change can come when we pause to converse with others rather than automatically relying on tech communication. But most importantly…

…change can come when we pause to simply reflect – and new ideas may awaken!

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On Thursday 21 st September this year, let’s seek peace and give five minutes to take a gentle breath and allow our mind to wander and to wonder. To gently reflect. Our words and actions offer us a choice: we can decide to choose peace in every conversation, action or intention this day. Maybe it’s up to us, each one of us – to take some time on this day to feel a sense of peace. Every small step by every person, from this day onward could really have the power to commence universal change. This is the day for each of us to commit to that change … to think peacefully, to act peacefully and to teach peace before all else.

This could be a moment of new vision. This could be the most important moment we have truly pondered.