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a time to let go

Letting go into naturalness … a very different style of meditation

In this, Stillness Meditation Therapy, the full meditative experience is beyond the relaxation of the body and mind, beyond the transcendence of discomfort.  What is it then?  Is it something strange and unnatural?  No.  There is nothing strange or bizarre about it at all.  Nor is there anything dramatic or exciting.  Do not expect ecstasy or any outlandish distortions of the mind.

Expect rather the experience of deep naturalness.  Utter naturalness.  It is only when this comes to us that we realise that true naturalness is something quite foreign to us in our ordinary life.  Simplicity.  Such profound simplicity that we are almost overwhelmed by it, immersed in it.  And it is easy to become confused by the simplicity of the procedure and what seems to be an absence of a logical basis

Ainslie Meares MD (The Wealth Within: Hill of Content Publishing Melbourne: 1978)

Busy, stressful world?  We can help you find calm … the wealth within yourself … the natural way to live life well

Pauline McKinnon’s book In Stillness Conquer Fear, first published in 1983, is testimony to the work of Dr Ainslie Meares, breaking down the barriers surrounding anxiety and its related limitations.  As director of this consultancy, Pauline has more than forty years’ experience in successfully sharing stillness with some thousands of others.  A clinical member of AAFT, Pauline is founding patron of Meditation Australia and is widely known for her work in the management of stress, anxiety, nervous tension and related conditions