Just be still

Programs for your wellbeing

Welcome to all our clients, to newcomers and to all our regular visitors.  And a special welcome to those who return – sometimes with the words …

I was going really well so I let my practice lapse … or … I did what you taught me for a while and then I went back to work and forgot to practice … or … moving house sort of changed my routine … and … I didn’t think I needed to anymore!  Oops.  Big mistake that final one.

It’s very human but strange nonetheless, that the skills that serve us best are very likely the skills we may easily neglect.  Do we not care enough for our self?  Do we feel guilty taking time for our self?  Do we not value the natural gifts that best nurture our self?  Did we not understand or gain sufficiently from first learning SMT?  Are there questions or reassurances we need to have answered?  Do we allow other things to take priority over our own mind, body and spirit?  Or have we come to mistakenly believe that life’s new hurdles may be seen as a failure of the stillness experience?

New hurdles are part of life.  And yes, each new hurdle may cause stress, anxiety and related symptoms – especially in these times and as we meet new challenges.  It is at these times that mental rest can provide our strongest support.  We sleep each night to restore and rebalance our body; similarly, but different, it makes good sense to regularly rest our mind.  Stillness Meditation continues the wisdom so perceptively introduced by psychiatrist Ainslie Meares … so I quote from one of his beautiful poetic reflections:

A quiet mind

Is nature’s physician.

Call him to the bedside.

May we invite you to consider joining us within the following opportunities where stillness may likely transform your life?

Initial Consultation:  

My book, In Stillness Conquer Fear, is often the trigger for your first appointment.  Here is an opportunity to gain from all I’ve learned over some 40 years of teaching this life-art.  Share your story, your needs, your expectations.  I will listen, learn and offer insights.  And from there, I will offer you the assistance you seek within your first experience of stillness as a form of therapy.

Follow up individual consultations:

The journey of change begins.  Patience, practice and perseverance will bring relief and results.

  • deeper experience of stillness at each visit
  • encouragement and reassurance
  • your questions addressed as the journey of change unfolds

Moving forward:

In time, you may choose to join one of our intensive group programs.  We offer profound stillness within small groups of likeminded others whose experience of stillness continues to enrich and support each valuable life.   Limited places by appointment only so pre-booking is essential.

Long term SMT maintenance sessions:

These popular sessions developed in 2020 when COVID prevented personal attendance.  Zoom has enabled large and small group attendance at enriching maintenance SMT sessions.  Less personal of course but these groups still offer powerful and effective maintenance within a virtual shared environment.

Zoom sessions are conducted twice weekly.  These sessions are cost effective where large numbers can be accommodated.  Groups are conducted in twice-weekly ten-week programs.  Both weekly sessions may be attended if you wish.  Programs may be joined at any time for the set fee and providing that you are a current or former client.

Remote assistance:

The excellent facility of Zoom permits all services to be available throughout Australia and way beyond.  Please make contact!

Optional services, counselling, psychotherapy and mentoring:

Individual counselling, psychotherapy and mentoring may contribute to the development of insight and change while supported by the practice of stillness meditation.