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… ‘it’s probably well and truly time now to begin to disown the fear, anxiety, depression, disorder . . . so many people speak of ‘my anxiety’, ‘my depression’ and so on and this claim on something so negative really does increase its power.

Think about this?

  Pauline McKinnon, In Stillness Conquer Fear

Depression for many is closely linked to anxiety.  Statistics show that one million Australian adults experience depression within every year – alarming information indeed. It is important to note that conditions vary in intensity.  At its most extreme and serious, clinical depression usually requires expert medical treatment and support. In the majority of cases however, most people experience anxiety related depression, often linked with grief in its many forms, or life stressors, generalized anxiety disorders, negative thinking, worry or fear.

For depression help – release tension … gain personal insight … discover new perspectives and a healthier, happier life.

Based in Melbourne, the Stillness Meditation Therapy Consultancy provides depression therapy and help, naturally and effectively.  Through expert counselling and mental rest, we offer services that may provide successful depression treatment to a range of sufferers from all backgrounds and across all age groups.  

Are you really depressed?

Feeling sad or down is a normal part of being human. “Lows are as valuable, perhaps more valuable than highs. Too many people today are clinically diagnosed with assumed depression and have become subject to ongoing medication supposedly to correct their sad moods. It could be said to be sadder that individuality and its ups and downs is in this way dishonoured. Our moods help us grow – and why deny potential growth?” (Extract from Living Calm in a Busy World, by Pauline McKinnon).

Stillness Meditation depression therapyCan we help you care for yourself?

SMT is an effective and natural therapy for self-care and mood management. SMT activates the body’s own way of coping with distress.  As SMT rebalances the nervous system, when learned and practiced correctly, levels of tension and anxiety are gradually reduced and mental equilibrium will follow.  Little by little excessive worry and fear begins to lessen and the low mood will begin to lift.  While one may still feel sad or down at times, the regular and consistent practice of authentic Stillness leads to a more balanced view of events and consequently, less fear and worry – a reliable form of depression therapy and a strong complement to traditional trauma counselling.  Remember, unhelpful reactions create negative emotions.

On medication already?

If you’re already taking medication for depression, this is no obstacle to commencing this natural style of meditation.  And the sooner you begin to learn SMT the faster you are likely to be able to commence withdrawal from chemicals. Ideally, SMT as a therapy for depression will become your life-long skill for prevention as well as healing.

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Seeking more encouragement?

With extraordinary perception, the maverick psychiatrist Dr Ainslie Meares brought anxiety and related issues out of the ‘dark ages’ and into balanced awareness.  In this extract from his renowned book Relief Without Drugs he outlines how natural treatment and self-management of depression can bring optimum results. Click here to read his insightful account.