Stillness Meditation for Students Melbourne

Stillness Meditation for Students

By Kaye Hakopian

As we move further into the school year many students experience stress ~ the difference between problems faced and the ability to cope.

For adolescents it is not only the challenge of keeping up with work deadlines and looming exams, but also worries about being ‘ left out ‘ academically and socially. More and more there is an element of competition in all areas of life.

Anxiety fuels uncertainty in developing an inner identity and in the perception of what others think.  A fear of ” ruining or spoiling things ” for family and friends is common at this stage of life.

Stress, anxiety and the tightrope of nervous tension can become the norm, establishing unhealthy and unnecessary patterns of coping.  Coping well is about restoring harmony to brain function so that all the information received can be integrated.

Adolescent life is better without the feeling of being constantly ‘ on guard, ‘ readily provoked to be defensive or aggressive, over reactive to the superficial.

The suggestion is not to do less nor avoid stressful situations, but to learn to experience an ease of mind, a degree of inner calm so that problems and uncertainties no longer have the same disturbing effect.

The regular practice of Stillness (SMT) offers moments of profound quietness in which the brain is able to sort out the stream of impulses. Such moments come naturally as in daydreaming and the effect flows on into daily life.

Often when I suggest Stillness Meditation for Students, the response is …..  But, ” HOW CAN I SIT AND DO NOTHING WHEN I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO ?? ”
This is a reasonable response when a student feels overloaded, struggling to meet so many expectations and demands.   Trust and gentle encouragement are needed ~ just let it come, slowly and little by little a calmness comes to your mind.

You will be able to:

  • think more clearly
  • do more with less effort
  • and respond more freely

Inner ease and naturalness lead to an understanding of things at a deeper level, beyond the active mind ~ a source of inner strength and confidence. For the adolescent this is very empowering.  When nervous tension is not consuming so much energy, it is also easier to concentrate and fulfil creative potential.

While so much of learning appears complex, the practice of Stillness Meditation for Students is essentially simple:


I encourage young people (and their parents) to make this natural practice part of their lives. Yes, it does require time and commitment but the benefits are worth making that initial step, for Quiet Time soon becomes something to look forward to, a special space to ‘just be.’

As a practitioner at the Centre I have been privileged to see so many students discover for themselves the difference SMT makes. Having settled into the school routine, before the intensity of end of year, NOW is a perfect time to explore, establish and begin to benefit from Stillness. You will be most welcome at the SMT Centre.

© May 2015

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Children and SMT School

Working with Children and SMT

By Francine Cockerill

The following quote comes from Let’s Be Still the Teaching Manual that accompanies the book Quiet Magic by Pauline McKinnon.

‘To link ‘magic’ with the word ‘quiet’ may seem to be a paradox.  And yet, perhaps the simplest way to discover the real magic of life is by not trying in any way to find it at all, but by being open to positive possibilities, allowing them to transpire.  And that is the essence of this teaching program.’

It is also the essence of the Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT®) experience and the therapeutic process when I work with children and parents in private sessions.  Whatever the ‘presenting issues’ happen to be, positive change occurs on many unexpected levels.  How is it that by simply sitting still and feeling safe enough to close our eyes for a period of time can bring a whole consciousness shift?  It may be either subtle or profound – but ‘magic’ as an experiential process happens!

Within my sessions and supported by an atmosphere of calm, relaxed ease, insights come through varied art activities and creative play.  Parents feel less vigilant and oppressed by the stresses of parenting and problem solving.  They can view their child in a new context and if they join the stillness experience, they have at firsthand an unspoken understanding that can only deepen the bond between themselves and their child.

Over several sessions, a foundation is laid for positive change.  As one parent expressed, her child now has stillness in his tool-box, close at hand when in need.  Many clients revisit stillness sessions at various life stages to reconnect with this valuable life-skill.

In the school context, the magic of stillness becomes a precious refuge.  This is most successful with the co-operative support of teachers, staff and therapist working together – while respecting the philosophy and values of the school and the teaching styles of the year levels.

In that environment, over time, a bond of trust is assured which gives children permission to feel comfortable in the ‘space’ created by the therapist.  In that space is fostered what can be translated as quiet time, relax time and mind rest.  In that way, stillness then becomes an integral part of the school curriculum.

When the teachers themselves actively participate and look forward to Children and SMT stillness time then they become role models for their children.  This shared experience flows on into the classroom and other aspects of school life.

Stillness MeditationTherapy has a special part to play in all aspects of daily life … if only we all ‘just let it occur …’

© June 2015

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