What Stillness Offers

Anne (not her real name) was first introduced to this premier practice by the master himself, Ainslie Meares. In this newsletter she shares her experience to help others discover this unique style of meditation and its life changing benefits.

“I commenced some 40 years ago with Dr Meares. As you know, I have continued the practice with you Pauline … regular, consistent sessions bring consistent results!

At the beginning I faced the long-time hurdle of learning how ‘not to try’. Trying to achieve stillness is the very thing that can make it difficult to capture.

Learning to release tension and accept whatever comes while just being still (even with racing thoughts), is the key to success.

Not every session of stillness is always the same. Sometimes I easily go deeper into the experience – and that is a blissful, wonderful feeling of calm. At other times the experience can be more difficult if thoughts try to claim attention.

But even fragments of stillness help the mind to rest. Dr Meares powerfully expresses this in his poetic work:

From the Quiet Place: Hill of Content Publishing, Melbourne, 1976

In a cluttered mind it seems counterintuitive to sit and be still. But just as the stressors of life accumulate to increase tension and anxiety, the regular experiences of stillness (deep or even less deep), accumulate.

As our mind repeatedly rests and gradually develops inner calm, stressful reactivity gradually fades.

Change comes gradually … less inner chatter, improved mood and most importantly, the calm ability to deal with the ups and downs of daily life. More bounce in my step, more laughter with others, more energy and zest within each day, no overwhelm at the prospect of challenging events – and more …

Stillness stands apart from other meditation styles due to its simplicity – as well as the ease of practicing at any time and at any place for any length of time. No props needed. No words to recite. No breathing techniques … no requirement to focus – or to do anything at all!

Of course, in learning to capture stillness there are ups and downs as the challenges of life will arise. It doesn’t matter though. The important thing is that I have stillness … and I maintain it to keep that natural calm. I know it will always help me get through! Thanks again for carrying on Ainslie Meares’ work and for doing it so well”.

a rested mind

allows natural healing

brings calm and ease throughout
our whole being

less tension

less stress

less anxiety

less depression

less anger

less fear

inner strength, joyfulness, peace of mind
and a calmer, better life