New Beginnings

New Beginnings!

Life is all about regular and individual, new beginnings!  Every age and every stage bring difference, change, challenge and hopefully, knowledge and growth.  If you take a moment right now to revisit yourself at pre-school age, from that moment on, engraved in your memory will be circumstances surrounding each or all those influences.  Within each…

Time to hear my inner self

Time to hear our inner self?

I listen for the whispers That come from within. But who can hear the whisper Mid the noise of trying? As with the bird On his lonely flight, It’s in the calm and the stillness That we hear the whispers Which tell us the way. Ainslie Meares M.D. – A Kind of Believing: 1984  …

Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies Melbourne

Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies

Is SMT for me? This is a frequently asked question by many people when first making contact to find out what SMT is all about.   Fearing they are the only ones facing particular circumstances, or experiencing certain symptoms and reactions, it is a fair enough question.  The answer however is almost always YES.  SMT can help just about everybody…