overcome the obstacles

Commitment To Self-Care. How to Overcome the Obstacles of Life

Extract from “In Stillness Conquer Fear” Caring for oneself is a life-long project — a kind of challenge to live well. Like a strong marriage, good health and a good life do not ‘just happen’ as many might hope; we must be prepared to work at achieving this state. So in the serious desire to overcome…

Stillness Meditation for Students Melbourne

Stillness Meditation for Students

By Kaye Hakopian As we move further into the school year many students experience stress ~ the difference between problems faced and the ability to cope. For adolescents it is not only the challenge of keeping up with work deadlines and looming exams, but also worries about being ‘ left out ‘ academically and socially.…

Children and SMT School

Working with Children and SMT

By Francine Cockerill The following quote comes from Let’s Be Still the Teaching Manual that accompanies the book Quiet Magic by Pauline McKinnon. ‘To link ‘magic’ with the word ‘quiet’ may seem to be a paradox.  And yet, perhaps the simplest way to discover the real magic of life is by not trying in any…