Children and SMT School

Working with Children and SMT

By Francine Cockerill The following quote comes from Let’s Be Still the Teaching Manual that accompanies the book Quiet Magic by Pauline McKinnon. ‘To link ‘magic’ with the word ‘quiet’ may seem to be a paradox.  And yet, perhaps the simplest way to discover the real magic of life is by not trying in any…

Can Meditation Treat Anxiety Melbourne

Can Meditation Treat Anxiety?

Im often asked can meditation treat anxiety. The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes! This is such a topical question – here we are in Melbourne in lockdown again due to another wave of COVID that has caught us quite unexpectedly.  And of course, people become anxious – or more anxious because currently, we…

Jessica Mauboy Panic Attack

Anxiety Can and Does Affect Everyone

Recently, it was revealed that the mystery reason the popular Australian singer Jessica Mauboy did not appear at the Melbourne Cup last November to sing the national anthem, was because she suffered a panic attack. “This is far more common than you think” says Pauline McKinnon, psychotherapist and respected meditation teacher for over 30 years.…