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Empower a woman, empower a nation

This commanding slogan used on the website of the United Nations for Women brings the promise of all that can be achieved for the world when the contributions of women are fully recognised, valued and properly employed.

We may find humour in women’s ability to multi-task. Yet there is little doubt that women are those who have the capability to work their way through a range of obstacles within whatever challenge may cross their path.
Women are intuitive by nature. Intuition is power and can be the best guide in making decisions with good judgment.
Women are reflective, owning a gift that provides the wisdom of experience. Mistakes made in the past will not escape the memory of a reflective woman.
Women are compassionate. As nurturers, like the lioness and her cubs, a woman will protect those dear to her – at family level and far beyond.
Women become familiar with the responsibility of many roles very early in life. This is where the juggling really begins. The balls are in the air as life roles unfold: juggling parental behaviour, siblings, friendships, relationships, various attachments, colleagues and the wider world beyond.
Women possess immense internal strength. Even at her most vulnerable, a woman’s strength can provide the determination and tenacity needed to hold together; to move forward and to rise up again despite the odds.
As the saying goes, you never know what you can do until you try – in other words, you never know what you can do until the challenge presents itself. Challenges can be chosen or thrown upon us! Those we choose are easier to meet because we have the desire to fulfil them. But the unexpected challenges – disappointment, plans in disarray, illness, financial strain, loss, grief and more … these are the challenges that women will work their way through until some resolution occurs.
All that being said the slogan presented by the UN is a fitting reminder that worlds can change when women are empowered and respected. Too bad Hillary didn’t quite break that glass ceiling … but there’s still the future with a wealth of potential and anything is possible.
My grandmother used to say: a woman’s work is never done. I think she meant housework! But times have changed Nanna and a woman’s role in the world has vastly expanded. So now we can and surely will successfully apply our strengths and talents to the urgent call for a better world.

Pauline McKinnon ©
Melbourne, March 2017