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The birds are singing!

birdbath2Well, it was a hot Christmas Day around Melbourne and beyond and even if the weatherman hadn’t predicted that, the early morning birdsong certainly did.  How lovely are the murmurs of early morning awakening  … and the scents, the warmth rising as the sun also does … and the birds singing – chortling, and chirping, their melodic messages … darting in and out of the trees, plunging into the little birdbath (or Charlie’s drinking water!) as they scuffle and scuttle for breakfast.  Their message is clear – welcome to another day.

What about our own post-Christmas mornings?  Do we awake refreshed, chattering joyfully and singing inside ourselves to happily announce a day of promise?  If we’re still on holidays, these might be our sleep-in days, soon to be brought back to routine.  If we’ve returned to work by now, then maybe we’re already greeting the day in routine fashion and maybe that refreshment of the holiday break has slowly faded away.  So here are some questions to consider, prompted by the onset of the New Year:

  • Are we looking to the coming year with optimism and hope?
  • What are we hoping for in the coming year?
  • Do we have a plan to bring our dreams to fulfilment?
  • Did last year bring some challenges that we’re proud to have overcome?
  • Are there some resolutions we might make (and keep!) to ensure that this year’s challenges can be similarly met?
  • Are there some tasks to attend to that will make life easier?
  • Do we need to de-clutter the desk, the wardrobe, the kitchen cupboards, the shed … ?
  • Are there some skills we might nurture to support us throughout the coming year?
  • Are there some skills we approached last year but neglected to maintain?
  • Can we view the coming year and all it holds with a calm and clear mind?

Maybe that list of ten might be worth reflecting upon over the next week or so … and most importantly, acting upon.   Even more importantly, might it be important to ensure that our mind is calm and clear?  That’s one skill I’ve personally maintained for some 40 years, sustaining me positively through the ups and downs of living with as much ease as possible.  So what about you?  At the very least, how about resolving to STOP …  for at least 3 minutes each morning – to simply be still – and let the distractions, busyness and concerns of daily life slip away as your whole being takes a welcome break.  Even those few minutes can bring a little more calm, a little more order and a little more of the sweetness of life.

Of course, if you really want to capture and secure those gifts, then we would love to help you within our structured programs – www.stillnessmeditation.com.au

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year.  May it be filled with the sweetness of life and a calm, clear mind for each of you – and don’t forget to notice all the birds singing.

Here’s a closing comment from ‘Rachael’:

“My anxiety episodes have dropped dramatically and I have not experienced panic attacks since taking SMT sessions.  I can now make decisions in a calmer manner without stressing or worrying. I have done meditation before but nothing like SMT.  It is an amazing experience the enables body/mind changes.  I would recommend this to anyone who suffers anxiety episodes.”

Pauline McKinnon ©
January 2017, Melbourne