Sometimes a day comes along that seems to produce just too many things to do.  Yes, we all have regular tasks and responsibilities.  But sometimes a whole new bundle of duties seem to make their appearance all at the one time.  For me, this took place on a recent day when my diary was looking free enough for me to spend the morning finalising some fairly detailed written work. 

Feeling-Overwhelmed-Youre-Not-AloneSuddenly, the night before, along came the realisation of several changes of direction: an unexpected but delightful invitation to fulfil quite a lengthy attendance at grandparents’ day, a birthday gift to find in time to reach the date by mail, three unexpected phone calls which led to a few to return, a flush of emails that needed immediate attention and the opportunity for coffee with a friend to be negotiated around driving my husband to a medical appointment.  There was also quite a long list for a supermarket visit and the car needed petrol, too!

None of these were disastrous events, in fact, all were positive with happy outcomes.  But the change of direction in a variety of ways temporarily gave rise to that feeling of how can I do all this in one day – and cook dinner as well? 

These are the times when we really need to draw on inner calm and it’s at times like this that I’m ever grateful to have learned such a long time ago, how to access stillness in my life and rely on the coping strength it provides.

Feelings of overwhelm can visit any of us.  The fact that we’re well into August already (and yes, even the kids are surprised at that!), speaks of the pace of life in the 21st C.  We love it but it challenges us – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So don’t be disheartened when the day before you rises up like a mountain to climb.  Stay calm, stay positive, smile and tackle one thing at a time.   Years ago I learned from my then ‘boss’ – if you finish the easy things first the rest will fall into place.  That little counsel has long served me well – and I hope it might help you, too.

Pauline McKinnon ©
August 2016