Taking Stillness into life

When the art of ‘stillness’ is truly captured, it’s really another form of beauty therapy!

I’m always interested in the progress of our clients as they walk the walk of Stillness Meditation and we review this formally at certain times during their course.  But far from the formal assessment of individual progress is the appearance on people’s faces as they gradually begin to live calmly.

Very often at first meeting, the new client’s strain visibly shows.  When anxious, tense, stressed or depressed, the facial features appear tight, twitchy, nervous or sad.  Hands are restless.  Nails may be bitten down.  Legs are crossed and uncrossed and the eyes, often close to tears, are wide with apprehension.  After so many years’ observing the effects of ‘stress’, it’s just not possible to miss these things.

But as the days and weeks pass and the client becomes a regular visitor, magic happens!  The practice of stillness is morphing into living calm.  They may not know it yet but there’s a serenity appearing.  ‘Stillness’ is becoming part of their life.  The smile is brighter and more spontaneous.  The eyes look rested.  The nervous habits have vanished.  Nails are growing and excessive lines are smoothing out.  A kind of beauty is emerging!  He or she may not yet have arrived at their desired outcome – but the way there is certainly making a difference.

Calmness leads to confidence.  Confidence leads to courage.  Courage means facing life challenges, meeting those challenges and being rewarded with success.  Success brings contentment … and so life gets better …

I’m looking forward to noticing all the upcoming successes for the next month!  Will keep you posted.