Trust yourself

For many years I’ve regularly responded by mail or email to the questions asked by people from all over the world.  Now I aim to have my blog serve a more general purpose.  So send me your questions and each month I’ll choose a topic to reply to.

This month I’m going to talk about set-backs.  By this I mean, a glitch in the progress towards anxiety relief.  One common question from those who read my books or come here for assistance is “I seem to be experiencing a set-back.  I was doing really well, I’m practicing my Stillness and now I feel I must be doing something wrong.  I don’t know who else to turn to for reassurance … and I’m losing faith in making a recovery … please help!

‘Set-backs’ when we’re undergoing change, occasionally come and go.  Maybe you are extra tired, perhaps some unpleasant event has triggered a response; maybe some old memories have surfaced – or perhaps you’ve picked up a cold or some other kind of bug.

These events are common to all people and can put extra stress on the whole ‘being’.  When these things happen of course, anxiety and one’s emotional state will also be affected, too.  This is transient anxiety.  Aim to let go of worrying about this as all people experience a rise and fall in anxiety levels from time to time.  But remember that you (me in the past) and others in a similar situation are inclined to be affected more readily in this way.  Think of it in this simple example: how easy it is to feel quite ‘down’ when the weather is dark and dreary!  Maybe not pleasant to experience – but at least you’ll know your emotions are alive and well.

I doubt you are “doing something wrong” – it’s just that life for everyone is constantly changing – sometimes better, sometimes not so good – and one’s emotional state fluctuates similarly.  Be encouraged!  Continue to steadfastly practice your stillness as correctly taught, find some enjoyable distraction and keep going forward!  Disruptions will pass – and with your new skill of Stillness you will bounce back faster than you would have previously.  Trust yourself!