Take the stress out of de-stressing

Modern life is filled with noise. We may not realise it, but our stresses and anxieties cause our thinking to become muddled and prevent us from hearing our more positive and rational selves clearly enough. Stillness Meditation Therapy returns a sense of quiet to your mind, allowing you to approach life in a more focussed way for a calmer existence.

The Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre was recently invited to provide expert advice for Bupa Life Insurance about how to live a calmer life. The answer, in a way, is to stop thinking about it so much. This is where SMT differs from other kinds of meditation and mindfulness training.

SMT was developed in the 1950’s and differs from other meditation practices in that it requires no actual effort; the point of it is to free your mind from focus and concentration in order to let it rest and heal. By doing this, you are lessening the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to function more effectively. This restores the necessary balance within your central nervous system that your body needs in order to combat stress. In essence, SMT is a way of teaching your body to cope with distress.

Stress and anxiety have an extremely detrimental effect on your general health and wellbeing. More and more of us are suffering as the pressures of modern life increase. Through reducing them and learning how to achieve a calm and focussed mental state, you will function with far greater efficiency physically as well as mentally, sleep better, and have more energy. In addition, SMT can gradually ease the symptoms of mental health conditions that also produce a physical reaction in the body, including panic attacks and phobias.

Getting used to the silence and stillness of body and mind takes time and practice; we’re all so accustomed to the constant noise, demands, tasks, and interruptions of modern life. At Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre, you’ll receive personalised, professional assistance through a minimum of twelve 50-minute sessions that will illustrate how achieving stillness can heal your mind and ready it to combat future stress.

SMT changes lives for the better by showing you the most natural way to achieve a calmer, healthier and happier life. Over the years we have seen many thousands of people who have changed their lives with our assistance.  We would like to help you too!

Find out more techniques for keeping calm amidst chaos with the article we recently featured in by Bupa Life Insurance: ‘How to Stay Calm: Wellness Experts Share Their Tips’


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