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The power of four

A very odd thing happened last week. Within four days, on four separate occasions, quite accidentally four former clients approached me in random places for a brief conversation. The first was at an auction, the second while I was choosing fruit and veg, the third in a church and lo and behold the fourth – one who returned to recommence – “with commitment” she said – a new course in Stillness Meditation.

It was great to reconnect with those four people, spontaneously, unexpectedly and enthusiastically. Though in all cases we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, the links were still there as well as the mutual exchanges surrounding the experience each had shared. After a brief chat, to each, I just had to ask: so have you continued to practice what you learned with us? Read more

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Conquering Fear

For me, October 2016 brings with it a great sense of satisfaction:  the new, fully revised and updated edition of my book In Stillness Conquer Fear will shortly be released and my hope is that it will help bring comfort and healing to many.  This achievement is very exciting because I now offer not only a personal recovery story, but over 30 years’ professional experience in working to assist others with stress and anxiety.

So here’s a little ‘teaser’ from Chapter 18 to capture your interest and to spread the word – anxiety does not have to be a lifelong companion.

Read more

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Where have goodness and kindness disappeared to?

I used to look forward to reading the morning paper over breakfast, an easy, informative and recreational start to the day.  But things have changed.  The paper I used to enjoy has lost its noble restraint.  Now in tabloid form with too much colour this paper is filled with dramatic and revealing photographs ranging from local football angst to the horrors of war in other lands.

Words that carry foreboding abound:  threat, arms, step up, deal, break trust, fixation, jailed, extremists, fears, detainees, activist, deceptive, banned, militant, nude, fails, suspended, victim, forces, abuse, blasts, ice, famine, serious, split … and more. Read more



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