We hear a lot about ‘resilience’ these days. I think the word is often interpreted as some extraordinary toughness that is needed if we’re to survive challenges that appear in life on a regular basis. But resilience is essentially about flexibility and the ability to “bounce back”; about being equipped to react with an element…

SMT drug antidote

Recent weeks have brought wide publicity around the negative effects of prescription medication. Firstly the media targeted the ill effects of the tranquilliser, Xanax.  In the following week the offending drug was the anti-depressant, Efexor (ABC 7.30 Report 23rd July) said to increase the problem of gambling.  A week after that, “Accidental addicts” on the SBS…



Pauline talks with Trudy Thomas from the US Blogtalkradio program “Living with Hope”.  Click here to listen