Social anxiety is more than just shyness or nerves, at its worst it can prevent someone from leaving the house to avoid social situations altogether. Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre can help you conquer your fear with our Melbourne-wide social anxiety support and treatment. We treat phobias by addressing the root cause. We can also help you understand the problem and how to gain relief.

Anxiety can be triggered by a wide range of situations. Whether it be public speaking or performing on a stage, meeting new people or going on a date, or even simply eating or drinking in public, we can help you overcome your phobia. Our anxiety support and treatment helps you to release your fears through the practice of Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT®). More than a quick fix, our program and support will equip you with the tools for genuine change, improve your lifestyle and enable you to build better, stronger and happier relationships. Most importantly, we teach you positive steps to stay calm in the face of adversity.

What is SMT anxiety treatment

SMT uses deep, profound rest for the mind to activate change and development. By experiencing regular sessions of inner calm and stillness, your mind and body will discover how to remain relaxed and in control during otherwise confronting situations. SMT® maintains the ground-breaking work of Melbourne psychiatrist Ainslie Meares and is characterised by extreme simplicity and mental stillness, without the use of mantras or visualization or any focused attention.

Anxiety counselling delivered by our Founding Director

Delivered by Pauline McKinnon, Founding Director of the Stillness Meditation Centre in Melbourne, with her team of expert practitioners in a safe environment, SMT® can offer real results to alleviate anxiety including social phobias, general stress reactions and anxiety related depression.

Contact us today and find out more regarding our support and treatment programs and take control of your life again. Call us on 03 9817 2933 and discuss your requirements with our anxiety counselling experts and discover how we could support you.