Accredited Stillness Meditation Teachers

Francine Cockerill

Francine Cockerill Accredited Stillness Meditation TeachersFrancine is an Arts graduate and trained counsellor with over 30 years’ experience in theatre, art and design. She has a natural affinity for the very young and blends her artistic gifts with counselling in introducing Stillness Meditation Therapy to children. Her work at the Stillness Meditation Centre and within external class situations has resulted in a wide range of therapeutic and practical benefits for her students. These include an improvement to anxiety symptoms and behavioural problems and the children’s increased ability to relax and become calm while maintaining the wonder and imagination that is part of childhood.

Francine also conducts sessions for adults at the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre and is a member of MA (The Meditation Association of Australia).

Kaye Hakopian

Kaye Hakopian Accredited Stillness Meditation TeachersKaye is a qualified teacher and has over 35 years experience with the Victorian Department of Education including a prominent role in Special Education with the Austin School. In helping adolescents to manage anxiety and stress, Kaye has initiated and assisted at numerous Stillness Meditation Therapy workshops,  observing remarkable improvements in her students’ capacity to cope with their busy lives, build resilience, manage stress and gain confidence – aptitudes which are especially necessary at secondary school level. Kaye is gifted in encouraging the positive in young adults, assisting them to develop personal empowerment as through stillness, their inner strength is realized. Kaye also conducts sessions for adults at the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre and is a member of MA (The Meditation Association of Australia)

Lucy Louca

Lucy Louca accredited stillness meditation teachers

Lucy is a qualified Counsellor with a Bachelor of Arts and graduate qualifications in Business Management. She has been involved with the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre for over 10 years and has completed her accreditation as a qualified SMT Practitioner.  She conducts SMT workshops and regularly assists Pauline McKinnon with presentations.  She also conducts SMT sessions for adults at the SMT Centre and consults with clients on an individual basis, assisting them in personal development and wellness. With a marketing and corporate background of over 25 years Lucy understands the pressures and stress associated with fast pace, high powered environments and is especially interested in bringing SMT programs to the workplace.  Lucy is a member of MA (The Meditation Association of Australia)

Accredited Stillness Meditation Teachers by Pauline McKinnon

Cynthia Bartolo
Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Victoria
0417 500 197
[email protected]

Owen Bruhn
Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria
0481 519 238
[email protected]

Adrienne Cavini
Keilor, Melbourne, Victoria
0409 237 446
[email protected]

Kylee Delios
Glen Iris, Melbourne, Victoria
[email protected]

Tracey Kelly
Malvern, Surf Coast, Victoria
[email protected]

Ann Kenna
Mornington/Noble Park, Victoria
0402 061 194
[email protected]

Catriona Wells
Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria
0408 370 572
[email protected]

Mark Wells
77 Willsmere Rd
Kew, Melbourne, Victoria
[email protected]

accredited stillness meditation teachers with Pauline