Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre

Our services

At the Stillness Meditation Centre, we provide a range of programs suitable for adults, children, schools, and the workplace.  Based on 30 years experience we proudly offer:

  • Commitment to each person’s needs
  • Understanding of how it feels to be anxious and stressed
  • Listening to each person’s story with empathy and compassion
  • Care for each client in a personalized environment
  • Expertise is assisting positive change
  • Support for each individual in the journey of change
  • Resources to assist our personal support
  • Encouragement when life’s challenges arise
  • Hope for relief and recovery from anxiety related conditions
  • Healing and peace of mind – the natural outcome of our services


The first step to commencing your therapeutic SMT program is an initial personal consultation at the Centre for an assessment and an introduction to Stillness Meditation. This will be followed by group sessions within our recommended SMT program with personal mentoring available at each visit. Intensive programs are also offered for those living outside Melbourne or for those who wish to hasten the therapeutic results.


Corporate Programs

The Stillness Meditation Centre offers a Workplace Wellness program aimed at teaching staff and management at all levels a simple and natural technique that can reduce anxiety and stress, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Many studies have reported the benefits experienced in the work place after a meditation practice has been introduced. Harvard Business School also declared that “meditation and intuition are the two most valuable executive tools for the 21st century”.

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Children & School Programs

Our experienced consultants work with young people either individually or within groups to help them cope with the changes, challenges and expectations experienced during the growing years. As with adults, the first step is an initial consultation with one of our specialized consultants and an introduction to Stillness Meditation. Following this assessment, a suitable course of Stillness Meditation sessions will be recommended for either the child alone or with the family.

A teaching pack for teachers and specially tailored SMT programs are also available for the classroom. Many schools have incorporated SMT into their curriculum with remarkable success. Programs are tailored to suit each school’s requirements.

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Teacher training and information for medical and health professionals

Pauline McKinnon established the Teacher Training Course to meet increasing demand from those who had personally benefitted from SMT and wanted to teach others. Graduates and students consist of primary and secondary school teachers, doctors, psychologists, tertiary educators, HR professionals, counsellors, artists, nurses and more. The two and a half year part-time course commences annually from February to November inclusive.  For more information see 2017 brochure  and registration form.  The syllabus can be viewed here

For health practitioners, regular workshops are held at the Stillness Meditation Centre. The sessions aim to provide therapists with an understanding of the theory and principles of Dr Meares work and how this style of meditation can benefit their clients as a complementary service. Please click here for the next scheduled session

For further information on the Teacher Training Course or Health professionals workshops please contact us