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Depression Counselling Melbourne

As depression counsellors, Melbourne-wide, at the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre we specialise in providing help to Australians combating this leading cause of disability. Our depression treatment can help people from all backgrounds release tension, gain insight and perspective and live a healthier, happier life.

Statistics show that one million Australian adults experience depression every year and this can be alarming, causing further anxiety to those who might already be feeling ‘depressed’. It is important to note that conditions vary in intensity.  At its most extreme and serious, clinical depression may require expert medical treatment and support. In the majority of cases however, most people experience anxiety related depression, often linked with grief in its many forms, or life stressors, general anxiety, negative thinking, worry or fear.

In these cases, SMT® is an effective and natural therapy for self-care and management, providing depression help alongside medication if necessary. Feeling sad or down is a normal part of being human. “Lows are as valuable, perhaps more valuable than highs. Too many people today are clinically diagnosed with assumed depression and have become subject to ongoing medication supposedly to correct their sad moods. It could be said to be sadder that individuality and its ups and downs is in this way dishonoured. Our moods help us grow – and why deny potential growth?” (Extract from Living Calm in a Busy World, by Pauline McKinnon)

As SMT® rebalances the nervous system, when learned and practiced correctly, nervous tension is gradually reduced. From there, the excessive worry and fear will begin to dissipate, equilibrium is gradually restored and the mood is lifted. In this way, SMT® therapy for depression becomes a life-long skill to be accessed at any time. While one may still feel sad or down at times, the regular and consistent practice of authentic Stillness helps us to regain a more balanced view of events with less fear and worry, rather than unhelpful reactions which lead to feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

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With extraordinary perception, psychiatrist Ainslie Meares brought anxiety and related issues out of the ‘dark ages’ and into balanced awareness where self-management and treatment can bring optimum results. Click here to read his insightful account.