Medical & Mental health professionals

Introduction to Stillness Meditation Therapy with Pauline McKinnon:
the natural management of anxiety, stress and depression.

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Pauline McKinnon presents a two hour introductory workshop for medical and mental health practitioners

Physiologically based, this meditative approach was originated in 1950’s by the eminent psychiatrist Dr Ainslie Meares, 1910-1976, (Relief Without Drugs, 1968), who dedicated his life’s work to the natural management of anxiety. Stillness Meditation Therapy (S.M.T.™), is not related to other forms of meditation and it is not related to culture, philosophy or religion.

The aim of the workshop is to assist therapists in understanding the theory and principles of Meares’ unique work. Participants will learn the rationale behind Meares’ hypothesis relating to the natural management of stress and anxiety. The theory and structure surrounding the use of meditation according to Meares will be explored and the technique, its outcomes and learning difficulties will be examined. Indications and contraindications will be taken into account – and comparisons with other meditation techniques will be addressed.

One or more experiential sessions in Stillness Meditation will take place with time allowed for questions. While maintaining individual privacy where desired, some involvement in group discussion can be expected within the objective of greater learning.

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