Licensed SMT Teachers

Licenced SMT Teachers are fully accredited, having successfully completed the two and a half year SMT Teacher Training program. They practice independently of the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre and offer SMT programs within their professional expertise within Victoria and interstate.  To contact these practitioners, please see their  details below.


Helen Bohan – Geelong: Really Simple MeditationHelen Bohan
Master of Education (Student Wellbeing), University of Melbourne; Bachelor of Education, Deakin University; Diploma of Teaching, Australian Catholic University; Licensed SMT Practitioner

Helen has a background in teaching, leadership and wellbeing and for many years has worked collaboratively with children and adults in preventative healthcare and stress management.  As a SMT Practitioner and teacher, Helen is well versed in the many benefits of meditation and is passionate about leading, supporting and encouraging others in their practice.   Services offered include group and individual SMT sessions.

Lyn Jones – Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne
T/A LJ Advanced LearningLyn Jones
B.A.; Dip. Ed., Monash; Certificate in psychotherapy – Cairnmillar Institute; Licensed SMT Practitioner

Lyn is an educator, using her expertise with those navigating life transitions, for example school to university or leaving the workplace for retirement.
She has had extensive experience with adolescents including pastoral care. She has worked with people from very diverse backgrounds where cultural influences are important.  Lyn is offering a 10 week program of SMT, with the option of follow-up sessions.

Gregory Riddett – Werribbe, Victoria
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Gregory’s extensive health and welfare experience earned him international recognition for his work in understanding how emotions dictate choice and behaviour. This is evidenced by his invitation to England for the launch of Dame Carol Black’s review of the health of Britain’s working age population, “Working for a healthier tomorrow”.   Gregory offers SMT sessions, counselling and psychotherapy, public speaking and training and is an employment assistance program provider.

  • Contact: 03 9742 3500   OR   email: [email protected]
    • Crookes Counselling and Consulting services,  7 Princes Hwy, Werribee, Victoria
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