SMT Conversation Group

NEWStarting Monday 16 March 10.00am – 11.15am

We invite you to join our new monthly SMT Conversation group.   This latest service is offered in response to many requests from clients who are interested in sharing time with likeminded people.  Discussion will be within an informal but supportive setting.  Topics will include various aspects of SMT such as Dr Meares’ theory, personal experiences, questions and reflections surrounding the practice of SMT.  General discussion will cover the life impact of stress and anxiety as well as positive elements leading to wellbeing and other themes that empower and uplift the spirit (as well as other topics that may arise as part of the conversation).

The group will be facilitated by Pauline McKinnon and/or Lucy Louca.

Our aim is to create an environment of trust and support, where participants can feel safe to explore a deeper understanding of ‘stillness’ meditation (SMT) and its relation to our physical, emotional and mental health.  In the context of ever increasing ‘busy-ness’ and demands on our attention and focus, this group will encourage shared reflection, contemplation, self understanding and ‘sitting’ with the unknown.

Join us for this enriching experience!  The group is open to all current and past SMT clients and monthly sessions will be held on the following Mondays from 10.00am – 11.15am.  You can attend as many or as few sessions as you like

• 16 March
• 13 April
• 11 May
• 15 June
• 13 July
• 17 August
• 14 September
• 12 October
• 16 November
• 14 December

Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre, 146 – 148 Harp Road, Kew

$65 per session payable at the time of booking

03 9817 2933 – Bookings are essential as only limited spaces are available.