Mapping the inner child workshop – a report

Held in early July at the SMT Centre, this workshop brought together participants of varied age and background to explore their ‘childscape’.

Based on the book “Kith, the riddle of the childscape” by Jay Griffiths, the workshop followed themes such as belonging, play, nesting in nature and mapping the childhood territory through creative art expression.  Drawing and assorted media was used, to process a ‘visual language’ focusing on the intuitive, empathic and imaginative flow, enhanced by the qualities of Stillness.

Inspiration was drawn from nature such as a leaf, twig, feather, as a metaphor for our human nature and basic resource for being as in well-being.

The participants’ art works were luminous expressions of their inner child mindscape, and their shared stories emphasized the light and dark within which the precious gems of childhood dwell – courage, kindness, hopes and dreams, in the ‘eternal present’, of once upon a time.

The workshop was created and facilitated by Francine Cockerill, psychotherapist, SMT Accredited Practitioner, who works with children and parents,  students and teachers in schools and conducts group sessions for adults.

We plan to offer this workshop again early in 2017.  If you are interested in participating or you would like to have more information, please contact us.

Below is a selection of works by participants.


Taking a line for a walk 0716

Taking a line for a walk


sand tray 0716

Sand tray

How I see myself

How I see myself

nature table 0716

Nature table