SMT Research project one step closer!


And you’re invited to participatenewsflash

We are delighted to announce that the SMT research study undertaken by a PhD candidate at Monash University has been quietly progressing and the first stage of the process is now ready for a contribution from the general public – and of course this means all our followers.

The research will explore the experience of stillness within meditation and as it’s important to have lots of input we are hoping to have as many people participate as possible.

So please forward this survey to all your friends and your network ‘friends’ and anyone you think would like to be involved. It’s simple – the following information outlines the study in more detail and the simple steps for you to take to participate:


As a team of researchers at Monash University, we are currently undertaking a research project exploring the experience of stillness within meditation and its relationship with mindfulness and wellbeing.

This very interesting and topical project has received approval from the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (CF16/1316 – 2016000696) and is for research purposes only. The study forms part of Dominic Hosemans’ Ph.D. thesis and is being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Janette Simmons, Dr. Tristan Snell and Associate Professor Craig Hassed.

We are now seeking a combination of meditators and non-meditators to assist us by completing an online survey, which will take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Your assistance is of course voluntary and anonymous – and, should you wish, you remain free to withdraw at any time and to withdraw any unprocessed data.

But we look forward to your participation by:

(i)                 Responding to the study questions (please see the link below)

(ii)               Invite lots more people to join the project by forwarding this email/survey link throughout your networks


On behalf of Dominic and all involved, thank you very much in anticipation of your assistance.