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How does it feel to be ‘ill at ease’?  ‘The understandable result of embarrassment, impatience and fretfulness wearying and burdening people with tension, edginess, the ‘jitters’ and lack of relaxation the way people can feel because of the subtle influence of fear.’

Pauline McKinnon – In Stillness Conquer Fear Page 107

Anxiety, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression …

Anxiety is a natural human reaction and when anxiety levels are moderate, it is a reaction that serves to protect us.

However, the pace of life, trauma or ‘stressors’ in whichever way they may occur, high self expectations or external pressures all contribute to increased nervous tension which in turn elevates anxiety and creates emotional over-reaction.  While functioning  in that way and as time progresses, distressing symptoms including panic attacks begin to occur too regularly for comfort.

People feel generally unwell, fatigued, sleepless, impatient, irritable … the condition worsens as the fight against it begins and very soon a visit to the doctor will confirm some anxiety or stress related disorder.  Medication may be prescribed in a bid to reduce the symptoms but anxiety is fear out of control … and fear breeds more fear … so the natural protective mechanism will always rise above medication and over more time, the disorder may become disabling.   

Read Pauline’s book – In Stillness Conquer Fear – to understand more about anxiety in general, social anxiety, phobic anxiety, panic attacks and general stress management

Based in Melbourne, the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre specialises in providing anxiety therapy, panic control, phobia treatment and more … naturally and effectively.  Through expert counseling and mental rest, our services can bring relief to a range of sufferers from all backgrounds and across all age groups.  

We would like to help you care for yourself

SMT is an effective and natural therapy for self-care and mood management.  SMT activates the body’s own way of coping with distress.  As SMT rebalances the nervous system, when learned and practiced correctly, levels of tension and anxiety are gradually reduced and mental equilibrium will follow.  Little by little excessive worry and fear begins to lessen and the low moods will begin to lift.   With regular and consistent practice of authentic Stillness  you can discover emotional balance and consequently, a healthier, happier you!  Remember, unhelpful reactions create negative emotions.

On medication already?

If you’re already taking medication for anxiety conditions, this is no obstacle to commencing this natural style of meditation.  And the sooner you begin to learn SMT the faster you are likely to be able to commence withdrawal from chemicals.  Ideally SMT as a treatment for any anxiety reaction will become your life-long skill for prevention as well as healing.

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