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Maintaining the work of eminent Australian psychiatrist, Dr Ainslie Meares, we offer:

  • Proven programs specializing in anxiety relief and stress management, health enhancement and wellbeing for adults, children, the workplace and schools, throughStillness Meditation – the original therapeutic meditation

SMT is a simple and unique meditation.  It powerfully reduces anxiety, relieves the symptoms of tension and stress and provides living calm for modern Western society.

  • Expert counseling and psychotherapy solutions and support in dealing with life matters

In some cases, anxiety and stress symptoms may relate to specific life challenges.   Our counseling experience and expertise may assist to resolve issues through practical understanding and implementation of change.

Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT™) is a medically based model developed by Dr Meares in the 1950’s, and is not related to any culture or religion. SMT is significantly different from classical or mindfulness meditation by the absence of focus, concentration or any cognitive activity. It has assisted countless people around the world to conquer fear, reduce anxiety, overcome stress and discover personal freedom, calmness and effortless living.  Find out how SMT works

Founder and Principal of the Stillness Meditation Centre Pauline McKinnon, discovered the genius of Dr Meares when enduring a crippling state of anxiety, depression and fear which ruled her life for 8 years. Over 30 years later she continues to maintain Dr Meares’ groundbreaking work, as it paved the way for the use of meditation as a form of therapy for anxiety and stress related symptoms. With her team of expert practitioners, the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre delivers results in a caring and secure environment. A study of 100 clients who completed the Standard SMT Program at the Centre and regularly practice at home, revealed a 54% reduction in their stress and anxiety symptoms and equivalent life improvement.

Based in Melbourne we also offer an Intensive SMT program for interstate and overseas clients.

Our commitment and aim is to help others achieve naturally the quality of life each deserves