In Search of Peace. To Find that Balance

Stillness Meditation Kew

Some run for shelter,
The tree holds firm
And sways with the storm,
The eagle is borne higher and higher

Ainslie Meares M.D. Thoughts: 1980


Those words by my mentor, Dr Ainslie Meares, and drawn from one of his passages of Zen-like poetry, have long been an ongoing inspiration for my work.   His empathic use of the typical tree to indicate natural simplicity, serenity, strength and growth has formed our logo for the past 30-something years.  The image shown here to capture his words has been present on our site in a quiet way for some time.   It now becomes our new home page signature.

In this image we see a very stable and strong tree standing tall against a night sky.  Myriad tiny stars and a clear moon offer a kind of infinity to view while the tree reflected within a body of still water will, I hope, offer insight into the work in which we specialise.

The simple clarity of this image inspires me.  I am fascinated by the galaxy, the activities of the moon.  The universe is powerful, filled with hope of something far greater than we can humanly know.  Nature gives us peace and comfort, essential messages from which to take heed.   I hope that this image may inspire those who ponder it in their personal search for a calmer, better life.

Yet now there is urgency in our world.  The current range of health, environmental and hostile disasters are monumental in their universal effect.

Find that Balance - Peace

Can we recognise today that peace has recently become more precious to humanity than ever before?

War in Ukraine is deeply troubling, evoking memories of the second world war, Vietnam, long-time distress within Afghanistan and ongoing conflict in various other locations. We are aware, too of the ‘war’ against climate change and its effect on world environment.  Recent disastrous floods in our own beloved ‘north’ represent one of many consequences of the downside of what has become modern living.  Nature is speaking out loud!  We see also an urgency to universally recognise the negative dominance of selfishness, greed, abuse, injustice, anger and aggression.  There will always exist imbalances between the negative and positive but it’s only in the cultivation of balance that humanity may find peace.

How to find that balance? 

Perhaps it is time to pause together.  To acknowledge life’s imbalances.  To contemplate, to meditate regularly and to seek or recognise a greater power.  Perhaps it is time to seriously begin to pray … to consider something greater than human endeavour– the absolute power beyond all power.    For, in a nutshell, from the smallest voice to the strongest, we know our world is hurting.

Let’s aim to nurture peace?

Personal peace and peace beyond ourself with the aim of universal solidarity?