Can Meditation Treat Anxiety?

Can Meditation Treat Anxiety Melbourne

Im often asked can meditation treat anxiety. The answer to this question is undoubtedly yes!

This is such a topical question – here we are in Melbourne in lockdown again due to another wave of COVID that has caught us quite unexpectedly.  And of course, people become anxious – or more anxious because currently, we have no control over this insidious virus.

Stillness – the therapeutic meditation

I can say ‘yes’ with confidence due to the style of meditation I learned and have taught and practiced for nearly 40 years.  My story is told in my book In Stillness Conquer Fear, first published in 1983. It is to the courage and wisdom of the late Dr Ainslie Meares and his concept of meditation and Relief Without Drugs that I attribute this success.  In sharing my story, I have been able to offer many others his style of meditation, helping people transform anxiety into productivity and a happy, fulfilling life.  I know the frustration and sorrow that anxiety causes.  I know how people can go from expert to expert, seeking relief.  I know that a majority of anxiety sufferers do not want reliance on medication as the solution to their symptoms.

Stillness – simple, natural, life-changing – different!

Meares’ vision for mental health (Stillness Meditation Therapy) is centred upon learning and practising periods of complete rest – body, mind and spirit.  And here’s the difference: in the experience of stillness there is no technique as in other styles of meditation.

Stillness meditation is simple and natural – the body’s own way of easing distress.  There is no mantra, no music, no focused attention, mindfulness or breathing to occupy the mind.  Just complete rest.  Challenging at first?  Yes, but with perseverance and regular practice, a profound calm is experienced.  And then things begin to change.  Anxiety reduces and symptoms gradually decrease.  Calm control replaces agitation. Confidence, self-knowledge and intuitive awareness gently bring further relief.

If you still have questions on how can meditation treat anxiety or if you long for positive change, please make contact.  You don’t have to live a life of anxiety.

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                                                            Pauline McKinnon, June 2021