Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies

Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies Melbourne

Is SMT for me?

This is a frequently asked question by many people when first making contact to find out what SMT is all about.  

Fearing they are the only ones facing particular circumstances, or experiencing certain symptoms and reactions, it is a fair enough question.  The answer however is almost always YES.  SMT can help just about everybody at any age.

Overall, clients who complete our standard SMT program, report a 54% reduction of their initial symptoms – and that’s within less than six months of commencement.

Here are some Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies, which may help answer some of your questions.

Each of these clients has completed a report which sets out a brief description of their symptoms, their overall level of anxiety at commencement at the SMT Centre and a self rating of those figures after completion of our standard SMT program*  (names have been changed for confidentiality purposes).

1. Rosemary, a teacher, was aiming to cope with recent life issues and to be less fearful.  She was tearful, distressed, anxious, tense and experiencing phobias, depression and physical health issues which she feared.  She rated her current emotional state at 6/10.

 “I’m not longer so fearful of situations concerning health and other matters.  I am no longer as depressed or tearful and I feel much stronger physically and emotionally”  Rating now 3/10

2. Tony, a nurse was seeking to have anxiety decrease to appropriate ‘normal’ levels.  His symptoms included chest pain, sweating, heat, tension and catastrophizing events, with great energy going into worry.  His rating was 8/10.

 “My sleep patterns have improved and I am experiencing dramatically less episodes of anxiety” Tony, a nurse.  Rating now at 4/10

 3. Merran stated her occupation as simply a mother.  She was suffering very intense and frequent panic attacks, waking in panic, with generalized anxiety symptoms together with ongoing worry, negativity, tearfulness and doubt.  She rated this state at 8/10.

 “I still have episodes of anxiety but at a much lesser level.  I also now have periods of no anxiety and uninterrupted sleep.  I am much more able to manage my life challenges”.  Rating now 4/10

 4. Jeffrey, a company manager, stated anxiety and mild depression with symptoms of nausea, uncontrollable and irrational negative thoughts and lack of motivation.  He estimated his anxiety level at 10/10.

“My mind is more at ease – at peace.  The internal chatter has slowed and it is easier for me to relax.  I do not worry about the stresses in my life nearly as much”.  Rating now 3/10

5. Anthony is a tradesman.  He expressed the need to no longer feel anxious about anxiety and when comfortable dealing with it.  Symptoms stated included social anxiety, tension, insomnia, depression and lack of confidence, rating the effect of these symptoms on his life at 7-8.

Now experiencing much better sleep.  Generally more relaxed and when feeling some anxiety it’s not for long or as intense.” … rating now 1.5

6. Kathy, a young lawyer, was seeking to be free of stress, anxiety, tension, panic attacks, depression, lack of life direction, nausea, heart pain and anger”   She rated these symptoms at 9/10

 “I feel much calmer and better equipped to deal with stressful situations.  Symptoms of anxiety, stress, panic attacks and physical symptoms have lessened.  This really has assisted.  Rating now 3/10

These and more Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies can be found in “Living Calm in a Busy World” by Pauline McKinnon.  To book an appointment for your initial consultation please call our office on 03 9817 2933

* The SMT program is comprised of 16 facilitated group sessions at the SMT Centre, complemented by daily personal practice.

If you have questions about any of our Stillness Meditation Therapy Case Studies or want more information please get in touch