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At SMT Consultancy, we provide Stillness Meditation services within a range of programs suitable for adults, children, schools, and the workplace. 

  • Commitment to each person’s needs
  • Understanding of how it feels to be anxious and stressed
  • Listening to each person’s story with empathy and compassion
  • Care for each client in a personalised environment
  • Expertise is assisting positive change
  • Support for each individual in the journey of change
  • Resources to assist our personal support
  • Encouragement when life’s challenges arise
  • Hope for relief and recovery from anxiety related conditions
  • Healing and peace of mind – the natural outcome of our stillness meditation services

Can Stillness Meditation Therapy help me with my Depression?

Depression for many is closely linked to anxiety.  Statistics show that one million Australian adults experience depression within every year – alarming information indeed. It is important to note that conditions vary in intensity. 

At its most extreme and serious, clinical depression usually requires expert medical treatment and support. In the majority of cases however, most people experience anxiety related depression, often linked with grief in its many forms, or life stressors, generalised anxiety disorders, negative thinking, worry or fear.

Stillness Meditation Therapy is an effective and natural therapy for self-care and mood management. Stillness Meditation Therapy helps you to activate the body’s own way of coping with distress.  

SMT Consultancy provides depression therapy and help, naturally and effectively.  Through expert counselling and mental rest, we offer services that may provide successful depression treatment to a range of sufferers from all backgrounds and across all age groups.  

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Is Stillness Meditation Therapy a treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural human reaction and when anxiety levels are moderate, it is a reaction that serves to protect us. However, the pace of life, trauma, high self expectations or external pressures all contribute to increased nervous tension which in turn elevates anxiety and creates emotional over-reaction.  

People feel generally unwell, fatigued, sleepless, impatient, irritable, as distressing symptoms including panic attacks begin to occur too regularly for comfort.

SMT Consultancy specialises in providing anxiety therapy, panic control, phobia treatment and more … naturally and effectively.  Through expert counselling and mental rest, our services can bring relief to a range of sufferers from all backgrounds and across all age groups.  

Can I conquer my phobias with Stillness Meditation Therapy?

A phobia is generally understood as an obsession or morbid dread, implying an aversion to an object, place or situation – or distress and impairment as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR).

Symptoms may include physical tension, trembling, a rapid heartbeat, breathing difficulties, sweating, blushing, nausea, diarrhoea, feelings of panic and a sense of foreboding. These are typical symptoms of anxiety and in simple language a phobia develops as an attempt to avoid something to be personally feared. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a fear based condition and almost fits the phobia category. 

Any phobia, obsessive reaction or anxiety disorder originates in one’s personal level of anxiety and tension. The practice of Stillness Meditation is an effective therapy for fear, any anxiety condition or destructive emotion — including depression.

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