What is SMT, how does it work and outcomes

Our studies indicate a 54% reduction in symptoms within 12-16 facilitated sessions

  • SMT is a unique, physiologically based meditation, designed for modern living
  • It is not related to culture, philosophy or religion
  • SMT does not involve a contrived technique but simply allows the brain to rest
  • This simplicity makes SMT completely different from classical or mindfulness meditation because it does not use focus, concentration or any ‘effort’ by the brain
  • SMT is considered to be the body’s natural way of coping with distress
  • It is the original therapeutic meditation perceived to reduce the effect of stress and strengthen the immune system
  • Its effects are intensified by attendance at facilitated sessions where the therapeutic environment and the use of calming touch enhances the healing process

How does it work?

  • SMT provides physical and mental relaxation, gradually reducing stress and anxiety
  • Anxiety is common to all people – but too much anxiety creates an imbalance in the central nervous system leading to excessive tension, the ‘stress’ reaction and in time, distressing and limiting psychosomatic Living Calm in a Busy World

    For a deeper insight into anxiety and its effects, we recommend you read In Stillness Conquer Fear