What is SMT, how does it work and outcomes

Our studies indicate a 54% reduction in symptoms within 12-16 facilitated sessions

  • SMT is a unique, physiologically based meditation, designed for modern living
  • It is not related to culture, philosophy or religion
  • SMT does not involve a contrived technique but simply allows the brain to rest
  • This simplicity makes SMT completely different from classical or mindfulness meditation because it does not use focus, concentration or any ‘effort’ by the brain
  • SMT is considered to be the body’s natural way of coping with distress
  • It is the original therapeutic meditation perceived to reduce the effect of stress and strengthen the immune system
  • Its effects are intensified by attendance at facilitated sessions where the therapeutic environment and the use of calming touch enhances the healing process

How does it work?

  • SMT provides physical and mental relaxation, gradually reducing stress and anxiety
  • Anxiety is common to all people – but too much anxiety creates an imbalance in the central nervous system leading to excessive tension, the ‘stress’ reaction and in time, distressing and limiting psychosomatic symptoms
  • Successful healing of anxiety involves paradox!  The more we fight against it, the more powerful it becomes – but when we learn to correctly relax beyond it, it gradually lessens
  • This level of relaxation is achieved in SMT by the repetition of profound and prolonged mental rest
  • This level of rest lowers the activity of the SNS (sympathetic nervous system) and increases the activity of the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system), leading to mental calm and gradually restoring balance to the central nervous system
  • With time and practice it then becomes easier to physically and mentally relax beyond discomfort or disturbance of any kind leading to a calm response to living

YES it works!
When experienced regularly, the effects of SMT flow into general life, re-training negative reactions and replacing these with natural, positive responses

  • You will begin to feel less ‘stressed’
  • Your level of tension will begin to subside
  • You will notice a gradual decrease in the intensity of your symptoms
  • You will feel less apprehensive and fearful
  • You will be less restless in daily living
  • Panic attacks will gradually disappear
  • You will begin to feel more at ease in situations of difficulty
  • You will begin to regain energy
  • You will begin to feel more enthusiasm for life
  • You will begin to gain self confidence
  • You will begin to feel more positive
  • Depressed feelings will fade and optimism will return
  • You will become less driven by fear
  • You will be less dependent on obsessive behavior
  • You will gradually be freed of your phobia/s
  • Your sleep will be deeper, more restful and longer
  • Your general health will improve and wellness will replace illness
  • Distressing symptoms gradually disappear and confidence is restored
  • Sleep improves, general health improves and a sense of life enhancement and wellbeing emerges as feelings of stress, depression and pressure disappear
  • Phobias, panic attacks and other anxiety related limitations gradually lessen and become unnecessary
  • Further outcomes include increased resilience, creativity and productivity and for many, personal awareness, expanded consciousness and spiritual development
  • SMT notably assists in ‘dropping defenses’ which consequently aids the process of counseling, psychotherapy and similar cognitive modalities
  • You will begin to recognise your identity and value yourself
  • You will gain life perspective and a sense of calm control
  • You will lose your fear of fear and this can be one of your greatest assets
  • Personal awareness will expand
  • It will become easier to communicate with others
  • You will discover personal resilience
  • Your gifts, strengths, creativity and productivity will flourish
  • You will discover your inner life and perhaps a sense of wonder and spirituality
  • You may find that, through the practice of SMT, you will gradually become happier and experience the more complete you!

YES, it works!  From SMT you can look forward to a 54%  reduction in symptoms within 16 facilitated sessions!

Please note that as with any form of therapy, success is dependent upon personal commitment to learning, practicing and waiting for positive change.

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