Corporate Meditation in Melbourne – By SMT

Corporate Meditation Melbourne

Regardless of their level of responsibility each person’s ability to handle stress and pressure in the workplace has a direct effect on the organisation and its effectiveness in carrying out a successful business.  In Victoria, stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation.  And according to ‘beyondblue’ depression and anxiety are often hidden factors that cost Australian business about $10.9 billion a year.

The simplicity of SMTC’s corporate meditation, Melbourne-wide, makes it an ideal component of any stress management, wellness or professional development program offered at the workplace.

This effective practice was created to provide mental rest and restore equilibrium to the function of the central nervous system.  Stillness Meditation Therapy activates the body’s natural defence mechanism for coping with elevated levels of distress, making it a natural and superior form of stress management for general life and within the workplace, free from potentially harmful drugs and medications. When regularly practised, this simple yet powerful technique strengthens immune function which in turn, results in consistently better health and wellbeing. Any business environment, large or small can benefit from corporate meditation.   Melbourne is a busy city and the stresses and strains of working in a competitive, fast-paced environment can inevitably take a toll on employees, most usually seen in the stress reaction.

In the corporate environment, further benefits SMT® can offer include mood stabilisation, increased productivity, higher efficiency and enriched creativity. Having a calm workplace also improves interaction, creating better communication within the team and throughout the entire hierarchy.  From SMT® you can expect to gain a strong morale boost to staff at every level resulting in a generally happier and healthier working environment.

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The Stillness MeditationTherapy Centre also presents introductory corporate meditation training at professional events in Melbourne and beyond.  These presentations make an ideal contribution to conferences over one or more days and provide a respite from the volume of information delegates are asked to process.  Periods of ‘stillness’ at events also allow better absorption of the information presented!

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