Pauline McKinnon

In the eight years she was battling the crippling symptoms of anxiety, Pauline McKinnon searched endlessly for answers and information to no avail, leaving her feeling more alone and helpless. As a result, following her recovery, in 1983 she wrote her own story “In Stillness Conquer Fear” aiming to help and inform others in similar situations. Soon after the publication of her book, at the invitation of Dr Meares, she established the Stillness Meditation Centre and began to teach SMT to the public.

Now, almost thirty years later, her book is in its 6th edition and has sold thousands of copies around the world. It is internationally recognized as a ‘first’ in raising public awareness of anxiety disorders.  Dr Meares wrote the foreword to “In Stillness Conquer Fear” and you can read it here.

Through her book, her personal knowledge and understanding of anxiety, expertise in meditation facilitation and training as a psychotherapist Pauline has been able to assist countless others to similar recovery.

In 1990, with awareness of childhood issues and preventative health in mind, Pauline published Quiet Magic and Help Yourself and Your Child to Happiness, to assist children and their parents with anxiety and stress management and has created a teaching pack including audio CD’s for children and adolescents. Her programs are used in some Australian schools.

  • Pauline directs activities at the SMT Centre and specialises in Stillness Meditation Therapy
  • She is also trained in Solution Focused Family Therapy and offers individual counselling and psychotherapy as an adjunct to SMT
  • She conducts an accreditation training course in Stillness Meditation Therapy

Pauline has also assisted in the development of a meditation teaching module with the Australian Catholic University, has been instrumental in the formation of ATMA (Australian Teachers of Meditation Association) and is the immediate past President.

Pauline is a frequent presenter at all educational levels and to community centres, hospitals, corporate and service organisations including ADAVIC (Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria). She also is a Clinical Member of AAFT (Australian Association of Family Therapists).

“Living Calm in a Busy World” is Pauline’s newly released book and the much awaited follow-up to “In Stillness conquer fear”.  This is a contemporary commentary on Dr Meares work  and Pauline explains Stillness Meditation Therapy alongside other types of meditation. Simple and easy instructions in its application are provided, highlighted by case studies from many of Pauline’s clients who successfully overcame their own issues of anxiety.   When stress and “busy-ness” have become the norm with ever increasing levels of anxiety and depression, “Living Calm in a Busy World” offers respite and ease.

In her busy and active personal time, Pauline is an accomplished classical singer, performing at various concerts and events. Married for over 40 years, she is the mother of four supportive children and many loving grandchildren.

Pauline is an also an accomplished speaker and presenter and is available for public speaking engagements.


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